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A nervous job candidate is forced to show much more than a positive attitude to save the life of her competitor.

"Lifeline" by Harry Jackson

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More About "Lifeline":
Jess, and her trial for a job at a high-tech call centre. When her competitor suddenly collapses, her only means to save him is a state of the art computer system. The problem is, the art is in a terrible state.

"Lifeline" Credits:
Directed by Harry Jackson
Produced by Alfie Johnson
Written by Tom Abbosh

Jess- Gwyneth Keyworth
The Supervisor- Julia Deakin
The Assistant- Mark Davison
Keith – Nathan Bryon
The Man o/phone - Oliver Dench
Phone Voice- Katie Sherrard

Edited by Dominic Mayer
Sound Design by Donal Sweeney
Music by Ben Rodney

Director of Photography – Charlie Jenkins
1st AC – George Phull
2nd AC- Evangelos Polychronopoulos
Gaffers- Peter Riches & Sam Meyer
Spark- Toby Leary

Production Design – Holly Nicholds & Hannah Rose

Costume Designers- Thalia Loonstein & Harriet Stanton
Costume Assistant- Irune Arbiol
Make-up Design- Sophia Attias & Kadine Watson

Production Sound Mixer– Ruben Robinson
Boom Operator – Josh Donaldson

1st AD- Zoheb Rahman
2nd AD- Robbie Laing
3rd AD- Amelia Stephensen

Post Production Supervisor- Dominic Mayer
Computer Design- Christopher Dean
Colour Correction- Jack Kibbey Newman

Visual Effects-
Yunus Berhou
Stanley Cornwell
Jack Evans
Joshua Green
Jack Lucas
Imogen Pontin
Aidan Robbie Roberts
Niamh Scott
William Willson

Poster Design- Olivia Österberg
On set photographer- Hari Deaki

Filmed at Dog Eared Films

Camera equipment – Teletronics

Lighting supplied by GLO Film Lighting

Special Thanks:
Eleanor Dupont
Paul Hinton
Ian Fellows
Jon Turner
Danny Scollard
Noho Casting Studio
Salvador Lopez Gomez
Arts University Bournemouth

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